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Academic Advancement and Enrichment (K-8)

MATH, English - Reading, Writing

Strong Curriculum focused on Academic Advancement -  Conceptual teaching by expert teachers in a mini classroom setting.

Our curriculum is based on Common Core principles and methods, and is designed to be a challenging and an advanced program. Students from our program will have developed strong fundamentals that can help them succeed in advanced learning opportunities offered in schools (such as CoGAT, or SSA in early years). Students graduating from our programs have significantly better chance of success in college admissions.

Each student will take a free assessment test before being assigned to an appropriate Curie Level. This ensures that students of similar skill level learn together. 

Contact us if you are looking for custom tutoring in Apex/ Cary area.

Our Methodology

  • No unnecessary repetition - Efficient Level based instruction

  • Classroom Practice - Regular Homework.

  • We verify if home work is completed and checked, and analyze learning gaps.

  • Students will have unit tests at the end of each unit to better understand if any concept needs to be reinforced. A final assessment at the end of assigned Curie Level will mark completion of assigned course. The student moves to next level upon satisfactory result from the assessment. 

  • We provide additional teacher support to clear questions as needed, or additional practice may be provided to cover any identified learning gaps.

  • We work with parents to understand unique needs of a student, and help students excel to the best of their abilities and beyond.

One Subject (MATH or ELA) - 130$ Monthly
Two Subjects (MATH & ELA) - 220$ Monthly

* Registration fee of $100 and one month advance for new enrollments

Classes - 1 Hour per Week Per Subject

Mondays - Fridays (4:30-7:30 PM)

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