• Keeping safety of students a top priority during ongoing pandemic situation - we are offering a great way for kids to have fun and develop great new skills  by learning to CODE!!!

  • Based on age group, kids will learn coding concepts through games. Younger kids ( about 5-6Y) will use block based coding and develop logical skills. Elementary kids (about 7-9Y) will learn with text based coding, and older kids (9Y+) learn advanced coding and creation using loops, variables, functions, conditions and more using languages like Python.

  • These are online sessions and students will be able to code from  their individual personal devices/ laptops from their homes. Internet connection is required at home, and headphones are recommended.

  • Kids will be actively engaged an hour everyday (Mon-Fri) with our program  during this summer.

  • This program runs for four weeks (20 classes) per session 

    • Session 1 :  June 15- July 10 : 220$

    • Session 2:  July 13- Aug 07 : 220$

  • Sibling discount of 20$

  • 400$ if registered for both sessions